A note on fit:

It is important, primarily, that eyeglass frames fit your face. While it is difficult to know what a given set of frames will look like without trying them on, there are a few measurements given by manufacturers & taken directly by us here at Hollywood Vintage that will aid you in finding a pair that fit. Fitting your style will be a bit more subjective!

Probably the most critical measurement is one that we take directly & is the Hinge-to-Hinge measurement (abbreviated H/H). We measure this in millimeters for simplicity & it is typically taken from the center of one temple hinge, across the face of the frames to the center of the opposite temple hinge.

The second most critical measurement is likely to be the temple measurement. For this, we take the manufacturer's measurements (if given on the frame itself) or take it ourselves directly from the temple hinge to the tip (the part that goes behind your ear). This measurement is either in inches (usually between 5-1/4–6-1/4) or millimeters (135–150)

Other measurements typically given by the manufacturer & also important for fit are the eye opening (diagonal measurement of one eye opening—where the lens will go) & the bridge size (the part that goes over your nose). Both are measured in millimeters & usually found together separated by a small square or slash.

Where these measurements are not provided by the manufacturer, we have omitted them as their calculation seems to be a bit of a dark art & not nearly as consistently helpful, in our opinion, as the Hinge-to-Hinge measurement for determining fit (short of actually trying them on).

If you already wear glasses, you can simply inspect your frames for any manufacturer's data &/or measure them directly with a ruler. This should give you a rough idea of the size frame you are looking for.

Please be advised that oftentimes many mass-market opticians will be less concerned with your look & comfort than simply selling you a pair of frames. The frames you currently have may not be the best fit for you & consideration should be given to their comfort when assessing data for a new pair. Furthermore, measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer & just because you are comfortable in a pair of 46/22 frames, does not mean that every pair marked similarly WILL be comfortable, or that, for example, a pair marked 48/20 will not be. The numbers are merely a guideline.

Helping you find a frame that is comfortable, fits your style, & makes you look your best, is something we at Hollywood Vintage enjoy & take pride in.